THE WANDERING MUSE will be launched in early 2014. Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates!

The Wandering Muse is a multi-platform project in production that explores the vibrant array of musical interpretations of Jewish identity. A quest to discover the nomadic soul in a borderless world of harmonies, dance and song, it’s a celebration of the ever-changing music of the Jewish Diaspora. With the traditional and the contemporary in continuous dialogue, The Wandering Muse visits the remnants of disappearing Jewish musical communities and attends the dynamic birth of the new Jewish music.

Over the past 6 years, filmmaker Tamás Wormser has been on a mission to bring back musical stories from around the globe (Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Morocco, Netherland, Russia, Spain, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uganda, USA, Uzbekistan and Yemen.) We are presently in post-production. The project is set to be launched in 2014.

The Film

The Wandering Muse will be a theatrical documentary that celebrates the multifaceted sounds and rhythms expressed in diverse Jewish communities around the world. Through stories, melodies and songs, the film traces the route from sacred to secular. While exploring the profound and complex matrix of Jewish musical life, The Wandering Muse features some of the most amazing, witty and colorful musicians of our time.

The Web Documentary

In gathering, conserving and archiving an audio-visual library of Jewish musicians, melodies and stories, the Web Documentary shares a treasure of over 150 video clips from around the world. The site will offer a platform where the public can actively engage and participate, where creativity and knowledge can be shared across borders.